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Are all facial skin care products suitable for use around the eyes ?

The skin around the eyes is very thin and light to allow for the continual movement of blinking. It is low in collagen, elastin and fat cells and dries out particularly quickly. This is the skin that shows the first signs of wrinkles. Using a specific product around the eyes is therefore strongly recommended.

Are your products hypoallergenic ?

While we did not perform hypoallergenetic testing on this range of products, we do not include any labelled allergens in any of the 8 products of the range.

Particular attention was paid to eye contour care and micellar water, these two products do not contain any fragrance and have undergone dermatological and ophthalmological testing on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

In general, we carefully select our ingredients so that our formulas are completely safe and gentle, which was confirmed by the results of the tolerance tests.

However, for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, we advise that you carry out a patch test on a small area of skin to verify that no reaction occurs.

It is important to note that certain people can still react when using hypoallergenic products.

Can air conditioning dry out skin?

Air conditioning does indeed contribute to skin becoming dry, as does cold, wind and heating. Air conditioning blows out artificial hot or cold air which subjects the skin to additional stress. The surface film that helps to keep water within the skin is damaged. It is therefore necessary to reconstruct the cutaneous balance and retain moisture in the skin’s surface by preventing it from evaporating.

Do you use products from animals ? Do you test the products on animals ?

Since the creation, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz have always been opposed to animal testing and does not test on animals in compliance with EU regulations. We use alternative methods to test our compounds and our finished products.
We use natural ingredients and possibly biological : our products consist of more than 99.5% of natural origin.
Moreover, we don’t use animal ingredients except the organic beeswax in SPF50 + stick ALGAMARIS , fluid moisturizer METEOLOGIC hands and moisturizer METEOLOGIC hands .

Do your products have anti-wrinkle properties?

Active ingredients that promote the prevention of the onset of wrinkles are antioxidants. Our products all contain an exclusive powerful antioxidant, Alga-gorria.

How does the algae act on the skin ?

Our exclusive active ingredient Alga-gorria® consists of a set of molecules extracted from the red algae of the Basque Coast. This active ingredient is a powerful antioxidant and effectively acts to neutralise free radicals. These protective properties are present in all of our products.

How does the skin naturally adapt to its environment ?

The skin is a place full of exchanges and interaction. It has an extraordinary ability to adapt. When it is cold, blood vessels constrict, microcirculation decreases, the blood brings less water to the surface of the skin and transepidermal water loss is reduced. The opposite occurs at high temperatures. The weather can also affect the sebaceous glands. Heat, combined with humidity, liquefies sebum, altering the hydrolipidic film that forms the skin’s protective barrier. A number of processes demonstrate the skin’s ability to adapt to environmental factors.

What are the active ingredients in the Meteologic line that promote the skin’s adaptation to outdoor conditions?

These vary depending on the products. The main active ingredient in the fluid and the cream is a red algae (Rissoella verruculosa) which is rich in protein (Lysine), sterols and carrageenans, allowing the skin to adapt to conditions of acute stress and to resist external stress factors, such as cold, heat and humidity by improving cellular resistance, eliminating cellular stress, modulating the gene expression of several stress proteins and preventing the inflammation process.

For the night cream, it is a marine exopolysacharide which improves cell renewal in times of stress. The serum contains Artémia salina which allows the skin to be more resistant to external damaging factors.

What are the expiration dates ?

Expiration dates are not printed on most cosmetic products. Cosmetic regulations stipulate that expiration dates are not obligatory for products that are stable for 30 months and over, and only the EAO (Expiration After Opening) should be clearly stated.

On the other hand, for products that do NOT last longer than 30 months, an expiration date is obligatory.

Our products, do not have any particular constraints as determined by various analysis, and are stable for at least 30 months after production.

 To find out production date, you can look at the batch number: the first two numbers will correspond with the year, for example 17 for 2017. Next, you will see a letter that corresponds with the month in alphabetical order: January for A, Febuary for B … December for L.  The last number corresponds with a time of day.

What is the difference between the fluid and the cream? Do “rich texture” and “light texture” mean the same thing?

A fluid texture is lighter than a cream texture which is more rich in nourishing and protective active ingredients. The cream contains, for example, shea butter, squalane and essential fatty acids that result in better protected skin in the event of stress suffered as a result of cold or dry weather. The fluid includes an active ingredient that instead absorbs excess sebum, which can be the result of hot or humid weather.

What is the hydration level of the products?
  • For the priming serum and the night cream: +35% hydration after 8 hours, +18% hydration after 24 hours (% improvement in hydration of the upper layers of the skin after a single application, tested by corneometry)*;
  • For the fluid, +21%, and the cream + 29% hydration after 8 hours.(*)
What is the origin of the scent?

We use a natural fragrance, free from known allergens, with a fresh marine scent.

What preservatives are used in the Meteologic line?

We use preservatives that are typically used in organic products, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Some of our products also contain ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl, a preservative with a broad spectrum of action against bacteria, yeast and mould.
We also use a combination of sodium levulinate and sodium anisate which are fragrance molecules that are not classified as preservatives but which have very good antifungal and antibacterial properties while remaining well tolerated. We do not intentionally use essential oils in our products because they can cause adverse reactions.

When should the serum be used?

Serum is an activity booster, it prepares the skin for the application of other care products and promotes the penetration of water-soluble active ingredients. It is recommended for use in the morning and in the evening before applying daytime (fluid or cream) and nighttime skin care products to maximize the benefits of the line’s active ingredients.

Who is your product line aimed at?

Our products are intended for everyone, at any age, who is concerned about the health of their skin and is looking for a safe and effective product line.  Our product line is an answer to the search for moisturising skin care, of a natural origin, that supports the skin to adapt when faced with various damaging factors and that works to fight the signs of aging.

Why does skin get dehydrated more easily when it is cold or dry?

The skin’s natural processes that allow natural moisture levels to be maintained are quickly overwhelmed by the duration and/or intensity of cold that the skin is exposed to. The surface film that helps to keep water within the skin gets damaged. It is therefore necessary to reconstruct the cutaneous balance and retain moisture in the skin’s surface by preventing it from evaporating.

A similar process occurs in dry weather.

Why is it not advisable to use different brands at the same time?

In general, it is not advisable to mix brands. The experience of beauty journalists who test products often confirms the advice of dermatologists. Each brand has its own active ingredients that are devised and designed not to provoke any side effects when used together. It is important to wait a full skin cycle (3-4 weeks) to see the benefits of the products. If, during this period, the skin receives conflicting messages from active ingredients from various sources, it can, at worst, react badly or, at best, not fully benefit from the products. This is why we must think about a care ritual and make the choice between brands.




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