5 reasons to care for your hands in winter

In winter, your skin is put to the test… With the cold, it is constantly attacked and demand special attention, especially in sensitive areas such as the hands. Here are 5 good reasons to take great care of your handcuffs from the first temperature drops…

Reason 1: The skin of your hands is constantly assaulted

Rarely covered or protected, constantly exposed to climatic variations (sun, cold, rain, drought, etc.), and in contact with all that you touch, your hands suffer more abuse than any other part of your body . Indeed, there are very few events where you do not apply your hands …

Reason 2: The skin of your hands is particularly thin

Although we associate the hands an image of strength and robustness, they are actually very fragile, mainly because of the smoothness of the skin. Indeed, if the skin of the palms is very dense, the top is when to him is barely thicker than the eye …

Reason 3: The skin of your hands is poor in sebaceous glands

Another thing to know about hand skin, it is especially very rich in sebaceous glands, the glands that promote the production of a natural protective film. Thus, in addition to being extremely vulnerable, they are naturally less well equipped to deal with aggression.

Reason 4: Your hands reveal who you are

Gentlemen, be aware that the hands are the second thing that women look for in a man, just after and before the eyes smile. Do not neglect them, they say a lot about you and the care you give to your appearance. As for you ladies, you say it would be a shame to waste all the efforts you made to your beauty with hands neglected …

creme mains

Reason 5: There is a cream and a hydrating fluid Meteologic

This is a global approach that we developed our care products for hands. If they are damaged, the rich texture of the cream provides hydration process that acts in depth, protects the skin from irritation and improves its adaptability to external aggression. If they need to be repaired, the fluid is a perfect relay restorative cure. It absorbs instantly and deeply moisturizes your hands to permanently keep skin soft and supple.
Now, beyond the fact to wear gloves, you know what to do to repair, protect and maintain your hands in winter 😉

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